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SIMPSON Video Guides for enrolled ISP students, esp. for first semester students.

Videos + PDFs:
How to use LSF - Personal class schedule? (pdf)
How to use LSF - Class schedule creating? (video)
OVGU's digital platforms (e-learning, myovgu, ...)

OVGU's and FEM's Student Organizations 2021

SIMPSON's virtual campus tour

Welcome Session:
Studying at the Faculty of Economics and Management

Video (German only) + PDF: Exam: Registration, Rules

Study Abroad in 2021 (10/2020)

OVGU's Library Introduction (04/2022)

IBE's Academic Introduction (10/2021)

Master' s Study Program Intro WS 2021/22

Create Class Schedule 
Online Transcript of Records
Online Study Certificate

Enrollment Quick Guide WS 2021/22  (old for in person on campus)
Faculty's Quick Guide  SS 2022
Reg. Language Center SS 2021  (SS 2022 registration from 28/03/22, 9 am)

Examination Registration (SS 2022:  25/04 - 08./05/22)
Information about Exam Registration from the Exam Office  (WS 21 session 13/10)
Seminar Registration  (master's seminar + projects only)

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