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Checklist for ORBA Applicants

Applicants Checklist



International degree holder:
for the winter term only

15/04 - 15/06
Step 1 - Online application @: uni-assist

Step 2 - Send documents via postal service to:


Uni-assist e.V.
Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg
11507 Berlin
German degree holder:
for the winter term only

01/06 - 15/07

Step 1 - Online application @: myovgu portal

Step 2 - Send documents via postal service to:


Otto-von Guericke Universität Magdeburg
PSF 4120
39016 Magdeburg

Application documents:


Proof of a relevant academic degree (bachelor's, diploma, etc.) with a GPA starting from 1.0 up to 2.9 (German grading scale applys).

We accept only legally certified copies of documents. Also send a translation in German or English and attach the documents with the original language
+ APS certificates from applicants: China, Vietnam, ...

2. English Skills Proof ORBA English Options           here
3. Form "Letter of Motivation"
mandatory, standarized application form here
4. Form "Relevance" of a previous degree education
  academic requirements
mandatory, standarized application form here
5. CV in tabular form, including job experiences, ect.  

Please be informed that English tests are valid only for two  years (starting from the test taking date), GRE and GMAT tests for 4 years.

Academic requirements

Applicants must show proof of an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject from a recognized university, with sufficient credits in economics and business administration or mathematics and statistics. Knowledge in the field of computer science (languges etc.) is essential. Please see application details below for specific information regarding previous gained degree and relevance. Additionally, English skills must be proven with a recognized test.

An academic degree is considered relevant with a minimum of:
1.) 45 ECTS (EU degrees) or 9 modules (Non-EU degrees) in: economics, business administration plus 
      minimum 20 ECTS (EU) or 4 quantitative methods modules (Non-EU)or
2.) 65 ECTS (EU) or 13 modules (Non-EU) in mathematic-statistic modules.

Further advice for international degree holders:

International academic degrees and their recognition as too calculating the GPA (so called: "bayrische Formel") will be made by the German service institution uni-assist. Descions are made according the recommendtion list of the association of universities and other higher education institutions of Germany. Please send certified copies to uni-assist (i.e. requirement of an original certification stamp). Learn more about authentication/verification of required documents here. In this study program we offer limited spaces. Study places which will given after a ranking of all received and completed applications. Please refer to our FAQ section to receive more detailed information about the ranking procedure.

Application documents must be completed, including the hard copies, and received by uni-assist latest until the deadline following strict regulations.

Last Modification: 30.06.2022 - Contact Person:

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