Program Structure & Courses

The IMME Master of Science study program specializes in International Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship. This program consists of compulsory elective, compulsory modules, and up to three electives in addition to a mandatory seminar, a scientific project, and the master's thesis including the research seminar. Studentn have to gain 120 ECTS. The following structure displays a start from the winter term. Students starting IMME their studies in the summer semester have to take first the compulsory module "Marketing Methods", and five compulsory elective modules in their first semester.
IMME Program Structure 2023

 Compulsory Modules

Compulsory Electives: International Management

Compulsory Electives: International Marketing

Compulsory Electives: International Entrepreneurship

Compulsory Electives: Scientific Project

Semester Abroad

Final Research Seminar & Master Thesis

 Career Prospects


Applicants and enrolled students must be prepared with their undergraduate degrees to be able to take part in our master's courses. This master's program is established on the bachelor's program of our school. Preparatory courses are not available. For further information about the content and objectives of the bachelor's program, please check out the module handbook descriptions here.

This information may vary. No guarantee is taken for any changes.

*While English is the primary language of the IMME study program, up to three modules may be gained in German-language.

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