Checklist for IMME Applicants

Checklist for IMME Applicants


This study program requires students to possess a comprehensive understanding of economic theories as well as advanced mathematics and statistics as well as strong English skills.

Application Dates

International Degree Holder:
for the winter term
              summer term
Online application & download @:

International students with a German bachelor's degree may apply directly via my OVGU portal.

15/04 - 15/06
01/11 - 15/12


German Degree Holder:
for the winter term
              summer term
Online application & download @:

15/05 - 15/07

15/12 - 15/01
myovgu portal




Proof of a relevant academic degree (bachelor's, diploma, etc.)
with a GPA starting from 1.0 up to 2.9 (German grading scale applies)

Translations in German/English, Certified Copies of documents, original language
APS: China, Vietnam, India

2. English C1 Level
English Test Options
3. Letter of Motivation
 450 words max.
4. Form "Relevance" Compulsory form here
5. CV in tabular form  


Further advice for international degree holders:

International academic degrees and their recognition to calculate the GPA (so-called: "Bayerische Formel") will be made by the German service institution uni-assist. Decisions are made according to the recommendation list of the association of universities and other higher education institutions in Germany Learn more about authentication/verification of required documents here. In this study program, we offer limited spaces. Study places will be given after a ranking of all received and completed applications.

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