Applicants' Checklist

International Degree Holder:
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including IB diploma, A-level degrees

Documents must be provided in the requested form upon enrollment, arrival.

15/04 - 15/07
German Degree Holder:
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15/05 -15/09
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Application Documents





University Entrance Qualification, or German Abitur
School Degree Grade Transcript

+  Previous academic degrees & grade transcripts;
+  APS certificate: China, India, Vietnam

Translations in English/German, original language, certified copies.
Further information about certification here

2.  English Skills on higher B2 Level:   Recognized Test Options
3. CV in tabular form



Verification of  the international school degree: 

The educational system in Germany is quite demanding, both academically and personally. For example, German students are required to complete an entrance examination which is administered after 12 years of schooling. The study program for the Bachelor of Science in International Business and Economics is exceptionally scientifically and theoretically oriented (in contrast to a Bachelor of Arts) and requires sufficient knowledge of upper-level mathematics. Therefore, we recommend that you have at least a "good" knowledge and interest in advanced mathematics to be sure to succeed in the study program.

In order to develop the necessary skills, applicants from many countries must complete one or two years of attendance at their home country's universities before they fulfill the German university entry requirements. Additionally, this year of study cannot be recognized by our program.

To demonstrate your English skills, you must provide a valid English test on a higher B2 level with a requiren min. score, like TOEFL, IELTS or an equivalent test. Recognized options HERE      IELTS code: 2727

German language requirements are not requested by the study program, but very important for getting around on camous and in Germany. Please  be prepared with a min. level of  A2 = ca. 400h of offline classes.

Application: How to apply?

Application intake and advice:
Study program structure, schedules, and rules: Documents Bachelor IBE

The estimated class size of courses in the IBE bachelor’s program is about 60-80 students, with roughly 70% are international students from approximately 35 countries worldwide.

The APPLICATION PERIOD for the winter term will start for international degree holders around April 15 and goes until July 15 at 23:59 sharp. For applicatns with a German degree, not IB diploma, A-Levels,  May 15 until September 15. Please note that the application date is subject to change therefore, it is important to stay updated and check out your status on a regular basis.

Given the deadline, the review of all international applications will be completed, at the latest, by the end of August. Admission notices will be sent to applicants approximately 6 weeks after it is forwarded to our university by uni-assist via the email + scan. We can assure you, if you are an applicant from a NON-EU country, you may have problems with your visa if you apply just shortly before the deadline ends. German applicants should count on 6 weeks of proceding applications and internationals on 8-10 weeks. In case of questions, problems contact the ISP Office. Send us an email if you like to be added to the On-Boarding Program starting in June and goes until October.

Each semester, an administrative fee of currently € 277,50 (winter term 2024/25) must be paid by every student at our university. In return, enrolled students receive a semester ticket for Magdeburg’s public transportation, the Deutschlandticket, and receive meals in the cafeteria at student rates. 
Information about living, expenses, and study life can be found on the homepage of the International Office or in our FAQ section.

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