OVGU Student Organizations

Get involved and be part of the community! Have a look at these OVGU organizations & assoziations below and take part.

By actively participating in joint efforts in clubs and initiatives, it is much easier to get in contact with others, be included, to make friendships, train German skills and be smoother integrated. Join us today!.

Established in  2010, SIMP-SON is a group of students of the Faculty of Economics and Management  studying in the English study programs. Focusing on international networking and cultural exchange they offer an exclusive mentoring/buddy  program for all faculty students.


Become part of the largest association for International Students in Germany. Find new friends, get/ give support by/ to other internationals. Check out the website, and become a member today!

The world’s largest student non-profit organization. They work on economically, ecologically and socially sustainable innovations that solve existing problems for the long term. Visit their website and fill out the contact form to be part of this student initiative

Student Management Consultancy offers a variety of opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Escape the gray theoretical part of learning by participating in exciting workshops of different companies. Take part in external consulting projects, meetings and club events.

Marketing club of students, lecturers and graduates! Offers practical projects, workshops, get-togethers. Work with regional companies, expand your professional network, gain soft-skills, and expertise.  Meet new people, have fun!

Magdeburg's Stock Exchange Club is back in motion! Have a look at their website and social media! One of the most active student organization groups at the university!

The world's largest youth-led organization and is dedicated to providing young people with immersive, high-impact intercultural exchange experiences.Take a look at their website and join their intercultural team!

Looking to make some money? Partake in the faculty's  research lab, MaXLab! They conduct computer aided experiments with students where they have to solve tasks. Learn more on their website!


Join the Evangelical Student Community (ESG) of OVGU, and meet fellow students. They cook, debate, make music, celebrate religious services together and encounter other cultures. Read more on their webpage.

In cooperation with the Sustainability Office of OVGU Students for Climate Justice (SCJ) was founded in 2019 at the time as "Students for Future" (SfF) as part of the "Fridays for Future” movement.

All about games! Whether small 2D games or VR. Acagemics is all developing various forms of games! Monthly workshops, and much more! 


An initiative of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg which focuses on the intercultural exchange of international students at OVGU. They organize events for better integrations, and much more!


Compete in various video games against students from other universities. Besides competitions, the internal and external exchange about video games is also a part of the club! No prior experience needed!

A non-profit student initiative for students. The focus is on promotion of political education and participation of young people. Every year they organize a weekend with a variety of workshops and lectures, led by experts from academia, politics and NGOs.

Guericke FM is OVGU’s radio chanel. If you would like to contribute your own articles or support the team, you can come to their open editorial meeting every Wednesday at 19:00 in the Campus Service Center. Join their team!

Are you a cyclist or interested in becoming one? Join the FlaR Racing Team. We are a cycling and triathlon team of OVGU. Take a look at our webpage!


With the student initiative UMD-Racing it is possible for motor-sports-enthusiastic students of OVGU to build their own race car and also drive it themselves. Since 2008, the UMD-Racing Formula Student Team has been competing against other teams on race tracks in Europe.

Do you like to sing? Join your fellow students and sing along! Visit there website by clicking the logo for more information and meeting place.

Love Foundation is an open, global community with a network of artists and cultural activists. Together, they organize cultural projects around the world with the goal of spreading the idea of universal love, connecting people, and raising funds to support water development projects (WASH projects).

The LGBTQIA* department of the university, welcome queer students and allies! We organize various political and social actions and educate about queer issues, either on their own or together with our fellow clubs and groups here in Magdeburg.

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