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SIMP-SON = Students International Mentoring Program & Social Organizational Network

• Are you a 'global citizen' or have experience abroad? 

• Would you like to improve your English or practice German? 

• Are you open-minded and interested in different cultures and lifestyles?
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Exclusively for International Study Program students - Germans and Internationals - we offer a mentoring program (SIMP-SON) with very active and ambitious students who are further along with their studies. These mentors are both German and international students with study and living experience in Magdeburg. Our mission is to help all new students feel welcome and assimilate to your new environment at Otto-von-Guericke University. See our SIMP-SON flyer

If you are interested in taking part in our buddy program, please contact the SIMP-SON team via Instagram (ispofficeovgu) or email. We have a student buddy for everyone to ensure that you feel welcome from your very first day at OVGU. Also check out our "quick guide" section to read through FAQs and find handouts with information about finding apartments in Magdeburg, enrollment tips, SIMP-SON welcome events, and additional advice.

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As a higher-semester student of our faculty, you will be in contact with new students from around the world and support them with their “first steps”, obtain international experiences, make new friends, and extend your personal global network. Taking part in the SIMP-SON mentoring program as a buddy is a rewarding opportunity. At the end of the semester, active participants will receive an official "Intercultural Competencies and Activities" certificate from the Faculty of Economics and Management which is great for CVs, etc.

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