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Bachelor of Science in International Business and Economics (IBE)


Study Program:

International Business and Economics (IBE)
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Objectives: Economics, business, globalization, international topics, quantitative methods, analyzing + intercultural skills, language training
Begin: Winter term only
Duration: 6 semesters, full-time study program
Language: English exclusively
Type: Theoretically, strong math + quantitative methods + language orientated
Schedules:  IBE schedules here
English Studies: Academic skills, Unicert IV (C2 level) 15 ECTS
2nd Language: Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Swedish (10 ECTS) + study abroad options
Class: About 80 students, 70% internationals from 35 countries; 50% females (WS 2019)
Graduation: Yearly about 30 students, with 20 Internationals  (WS 2018/19)
Modules: Overview of classes: program structure, module handbook
Credits: 180 ECTS, including a bachelor's thesis
Internationality: Mix of students, lecturers, content of modules, study abroad options
Internship: Not integrated, but recommended (semester break possible)
Documents: Study- and Examination Regulations
Admission: Academic requirements
Language Skills:
English skills proof
Tuition: Subsidized by the German goverment for all students
Special: Program Counseling Office (ISP Office)
Mentoring: IBE mentoring + buddy program (SIMP-SON)
Study Abroad: Possible in the 5th semester cooperation list of school
Introductions: First week of the semester start
Preperations: Mathematics,  intercultural training two weeks before the start of classes
Accreditation: Evalag
Career: Privat, public international, or domestic, companies, NGO's, HRM, bank, government, master's programs, ect.

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