Experiences of former SIMP-SON team members

Jesse, USA
Beginning studies in a foreign country can be really daunting. However, the SIMP-SON team did a great job of providing me and other newcomers with the necessary information and support to be successful students at OvGU. Additionally, their events were a good way to meet classmates and to make connections prior to even stepping foot in a classroom. Participation in SIMP-SON eased my transition into my studies and I would highly recommend it to other new students!

An, Vietnam
I came to Magdeburg from Vietnam for my Master programme in International Economics and Finance. As I arrived late due to the visa process, it was difficult during the first few days. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have the very warm and hospitable support from the ISP office, my buddy, and the SIMP-SON team. With all their help, I quickly found a comfortable place for initial staying so that I could complete enrollment and attend classes. The experience couldn't be better for me in Magdeburg. All these people and ISP team really made my first impression on Germany and on the University!

Camila, Brazil
Being received by the SIMP-SON group was an excellent and essential experience for the time when I arrived in Magdeburg. I had never been to Germany before, and with this organization I had the opportunity to learn not only about the university, but also about culture and customs of this country. It was really important to have a buddy helping me with the bureaucratic issues, enrollment, registration and any help needed.

I made friends at the events, who shared the same feeling of being excited about the new town and at the same time confused with adapting. I certainly intend to volunteer in future semesters, and being able to pass what I've learned to newcomers is a great opportunity to help other students and participate in an intercultural environment. To all of this, I am grateful to this program!

Toni, Finland
The SIMP-SON Buddy Program was very encouraging as I arrived here in Magdeburg. On my first day in town my buddy welcomed me warmly and introduced me to the beautiful city of Magdeburg and its main sightseeing places. During my first week here my mentor assisted me in bureaucratic issues like arranging my bank account, visiting city office and enroloment at the University. Whenever I faced any kind of problems my buddy was helping me and answering my questions.

In addition to the great help I received, my mentor helped me to easily find new friends and contacts inside the university. With his helping hand, my arrival in Magdeburg was smooth and easy. I was able to concentrate on my future studies almost immediately.

Thanks to this buddy program and my wonderful helper, this open minded and friendly city of Magdeburg welcomed me quickly. I did not only receive a massive amount of help but also good friends and great experiences.

Kristel, Bulgaria
The SIMP-SON organization helped me a lot during my first study year. I came over from Bulgaria to Magdeburg, where I never have been before, just on my own. How happy I was that the SIMP-SON team welcomed me with open arms just from the first day. That is, why my decision to take part in the SIMP-SON mentoring program was not spontaneous, but conscious and natural. On the one hand, this was a wonderful opportunity to test my organizational skills and commitment; on the other hand, it brought me satisfaction that I helped the newcomers with the experience I gained throughout my first year as an OvGU student. Being helpful is a wonderful feeling! The best thing about the program is the communication in a multicultural environment. And I found so many new friends.

Uyen, Vietnam
I don't feel like I gave my newcomers any great favor. They even discovered some interesting things themselves and then shared with me. It was extraordinary experience to remember myself one year ago and put myself in their shoes to understand what they need. In the end, it was really nice to meet people and make new friends.

Sina, Germany
SIMP-SON is great! Being a volunteer you have the opportunity to help others and at the same time to learn. Learn not only about different cultures and people, but also how to organize yourself. It’s the best to see newcomers being happy and able to start their studies without any problems because YOU helped them! I am proud to have already 3 certificates. During job interviews people are always very interested about my time and duties in the SIMP-SON team. Employers are always very impressed about my voluntary activities. But the real important thing for me is that it wasn´t really hard work; it was a lot of fun, meeting other people and having great events! Honestly I can recommend you to take part in our mentoring team work. Apply today!

Jing, China
Being a member of SIMP-SON was a great experience for me. Helping newcomers brought me a better understanding of different cultures and new friendships. New chanllenges  improved my organizational skills as well and I enjoyed the project very much.

Askar, Uzbekistan
The SIMP-SON project was a fascinating expericene.I got the opportunity to strenghten my intercultural skills and to develop organizational abilities. I made new friends and it was important to realize how my experience of living in Magdeburg helped other freshmen. Take this opportunity to enrich your social life!

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